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Magic Chef Wine Cooler Reviews

Magic Chef Wine Cellar Reviews

There are things that get better as time passes by. Wine, for instance, when preserved well and aged properly, will turn into something truly amazing. Which is why when it comes to storing and cooling wine, a company that has been in existence for virtually a century can be trusted to do the job. Something that wine cellar brand Magic Chef can boast about.

An American Story

Magic Chef, the company, started out as American Stove Company in 1901, as a merger of multiple stove companies. Soon, in 1929, they changed their brand name to Magic Chef. The name was so successful and popular, they changed their company name to that as well! Over time, it has become part of the MC Appliance Corporation, and is now the brand of kitchen appliances of the company. And among the products they produce, the wine cooler proves to be among the popular ones.

What Do They Offer in Wine Fridges?

The average wine fridge Magic Chef produces is a climate controlled machine that is perfect for any space in the home, kitchen, or apartment. Their line of products include countertop, under-the-counter, built-in, and freestanding coolers whose designs and aesthetics will fit any theme or color scheme.

Most of the Magic Chef wine fridge units can also be used for canned drinks, beer bottles, and other beverages, but arguably the most popular of the wine coolers for wine enthusiasts is the MCWC12B 12-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler in Black. It is a countertop wine cellar that can hold 12 wine bottles, but is only 21.8 inches high, 22.3 inches deep, and 16.9 inches wide!

And because it is a unit that uses thermoelectric cooling technology, which does not need multiple moving parts or cooling liquids, the MCWC12B is virtually silent, and won’t disturb anyone while it does its job of keeping wine chilled and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Learn more about Magic Chef and its products here at Wine Cellar Diva!

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Magic Chef MCWC6B – Is this the BEST Small Wine Cellar?
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Magic Chef MCWC6B – Is this the BEST Small Wine Cellar?


Magic Chef MCWC6B Single-Zone Wine Cooler Welcome to the Wine Cellar Diva Review of the  6-Bottle Single-Zone Black Wine Cooler, in this article we will go through the features with you,  share what people are saying about this mini wine cellar and will also help you get the best price for this neat little compact ...

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