24 Bottle Wine Cellar

NutriChef PKTEWC24 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler24 Bottle Wine Cellar

Why is a 24 Bottle Wine Cellar an excellent choice for you?

If you are truly a wine lover, having amassed quite the wine collection, and you’re considering getting a unit to properly store your wine in, then a 24 bottle wine cellar might just be for you. These electronic wine cellars ensure that every one of your wine stored is set at a temperature perfect for aging, so you can just relax and wait for your wine collection to get better and better as time passes.

Wine cellars this big usually utilize dual zone cooling systems.

This kind of cooling system regulates and maintains two temperatures within separate storage spaces in the same single wine fridge, allowing you to store both red and white wine in the same unit together. This is perfect for wine collectors who love both white and red wine. There are some units in the market available that feature a bigger storing space for one kind of wine, which is a great option if you prefer white or red wine over the other.

You can’t really do any of this in smaller coolers with single zone systems that only have one storage space with a single set temperature. You usually put your red wine on the topmost part of the cooler which is the warmest part, and since there is only a small temperature difference between the topmost part and the bottom, your red wine will get colder, and your white will get warmer than their optimal temperature. So if you have red and white wines at store, make sure to buy a 24 bottle wine fridge that has a dual zone cooling system.

Are you a Fan of Cooking?

If you are, you might want to start storing some of your olive oil in your wine cooler, since recent studies have shown that 45℉ (7.22℃) is the ideal storing temperature for your olive oil. Experts advise you not to just store your olive oil in a counter or cabinet because the temperature will cause 40% of its aroma and flavor will be lost in a 6 month period, which is why you should store your olive oil in your wine fridge.

Why stop at wine or oil, though?

If you love cheese as well, a larger 24 bottle wine cellar is perfect for aging your cheeses, especially if its dual zone cooling. The common aging range for cheeses is 40℉ – 50℉ (4.5℃ to 10 Celsius). This is well within most wine cooler temperature ranges, and because most larger wine cellars feature dual storage and dual temperature settings, you can both properly age your wine and cheese at the same time! And what is the best food combination if not wine and cheese, which you can serve both at a formal party or a casual evening with your friends.

There are plenty of amazing 24 bottle wine coolers in the market.

Wine coolers such as the Nutrichef (PKTEWC24) Dual Zone WINE Fridge 24 Bottle Capacity which made my Best of 2019 list, or the Koldfront (TWR247ESS) Dual Zone Free Standing Wine Cooler 24 Bottle Capacity are perfect if you want stylish looking units that do their job properly.

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Honest Review of Ivation IV-FWCT242B Wine Cooler | Dual-Zone Cooling System
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Honest Review of Ivation IV-FWCT242B Wine Cooler | Dual-Zone Cooling System


All wine lovers out there know just how important it is to provide the best environment for their prized possessions. Regardless of how cheap or expensive your wine is, it is crucial that you store it at just the right temperature to make sure its flavor is not compromised. We know that you only want what’s best for ...

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