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When it comes to wines, it is hard to top a group of companies that are founded on not just marketing wines, their accessories, storage, and more, but is also focused on information, events, education and all other things wine related. This is Wine Enthusiast Companies, a group based in Valhalla, New York founded in 1979 to deal with all things wine. And among wine cellar brands Wine Enthusiast and its accolades and pedigrees can be very difficult to match.

This company also creates wine coolers. The average Wine Enthusiast wine cellar is built with all the accumulated knowledge the company has gained over the decades in mind, to ensure top quality wine cooling and preservation at all times. But while the company also sells other brands’ coolers, their very own line can match the competitions’.

The Wine Enthusiast wine fridge 272 03 07 Silent 6 Bottle Wine Cooler, for example, looks stylishly good and functions even better. This tiny unit packs a punch, able to have an adjustable range of 46-66 degrees Fahrenheit, controlled by a modern touch pad and with an easily seen Blue LED readout to show exactly what the temperature is. Not only that, the door has a smoked and tempered glass panel to protect the wines from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The combination of aesthetics and effectiveness makes it a great choice for many enthusiasts who want their wine cooler front and center on a countertop.

The variety of wine fridge Wine Enthusiast produces follows the same principle of gorgeous aesthetics and highly technical effectiveness, and can range from the aforementioned compact 6 bottle cooler, to medium sized 28 bottle single zone thermoelectric versions, to larger, 48 bottle versions that have dual zones, 2 separate Thermoplane glass doors, and pull out shelves. All of their products are designed with wine in mind, by people who have focused on the wine industry for over three decades!

Learn more about Wine Enthusiast and their various cooler products here in Wine Cellar Diva!

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