Wine Cellar Diva – About Me

About Me - Wine Cellar Diva

Ms. DuPont knows that wine is more than just a drink that can give a buzz.

It is a form of art, a sophisticated blend of aromas, tastes, and textures, crafted to perfection by artisans all over the world. And just like an expensive supercar won’t be parked in some unsafe alley, wines should be stored in the proper way, where their craftsmanship can be preserved until the time comes they will be appreciated.

That is where I come in.

I Love What I Do

My goal is to help wine lovers, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs find the best equipment to store their wines properly so they can be enjoyed like they were meant to be.

On my blog, you'll find articles on a variety of wine topics, including:

Proper wine storage techniques

How to protect your wine from light damage. Ways to maintain consistent storage temperatures. Maintaining proper humidity levels to preserve cork integrity. Proper orientation of bottles.

Beginner sommelier tips

Exploring different wine regions. Exploring different wine varieties. Developing your palate. Learning wine pairings.

Wine pairing advice

Exploring and understanding the 4 main types of wine pairings.

How to choose the right wine glasses

Red Wine Glasses, White Wine Glasses, Sparkling Wine Glasses, Rose' Wine Glasses, Fortified Wine Glasses, Dessert wine Glasses, Ice Wine Glasses, and Tasting Wine Glasses. Which One to Choose?

Wine tasting techniques

Sight, Aroma, Flavor, Mouthfeel and Finish

The history of wine cellars

From the earliest origins of the Tel Kabri Wine Cellar located in present-day Isreal to our most modern Wine Cellars in the World Today.

Tips on how to properly maintain your wine equipment

From cleaning and inspection to calibration.

On this site, you will find only the best selection of wine cooler options, sifted through hundreds of possible choices, by giving you honest reviews, easily understood technical specifications and an overall assessment for each product. And I will give information for all kinds of wine lovers, from the beginner wine enthusiast with just a few precious bottles to take care of, to large-scale wine entrepreneurs looking to share their love and passion with hundreds of people.

I will also give the scoop on the different brands and companies behind the machines that will ensure our wines will never lose their integrity and quality.

I’ll give the scoop on each brand’s values, core beliefs about wine, and the technologies they use for their products. This is to ensure that, whatever brand and model you choose will be the right one that matches your own set of principles when it comes to these creations of art we call wine.

And finally, to know how the wine coolers work, I will share all the information necessary to understand the inner workings of each machine, from the general technology each one uses, to detailed specifications of how each unit will work its magic to keep our wines safe from the elements.

All the information you will ever need about wine coolers, I will share with you. I am Wine Cellar Diva.

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