Kalamera Wine Cellar Reviews

At the end of a long day, sometimes all we need is a smooth glass of wine to unwind and relax. For many, this means opening a cupboard, popping the cork of some wine that’s been sitting there for a while, pouring it in a glass, and that would be it. But to fully enjoy wine, it has to be at the right temperature and age when you drink them. This is why wine cellar brand Kalamera has been developing different products for wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Where Can Kalamera Wine Fridges Be Found?

Kalamera wine cooler products have been preserving and cooling wines in the United States, Canada, and Europe, since 2014. The company is a leading innovator in the quality compressor refrigeration industry, building wine coolers, portable A/C units, air fryers, and dehumidifiers. But the company came into prominence with their flagship line of built-in wine cellars and built-in beverage coolers.

How Many Kalamera Models To Choose From?

They now have 30 Kalamera wine fridge products that are shipped all over the globe. Very recently, they also developed and released their Compressor Car Fridge, which allows wine collectors and beverage enthusiasts to enjoy their drinks anywhere they go!

One popular wine fridge Kalamera makes is the Kalamera KRC-150CB Wine & Beverage Cooler. It is a very compact wine cooler that takes up only 23” x 24” of floor space, but can hold a whopping 20 standard 750ml bottles of wine and 60 cans of other beverages. It is also a dual zone unit, which means there are two areas that have different cooling temperatures, which ensures that red wines don’t get too cold, white wines get the cold temperature they need to avoid oxidation, and is highly customizable.

Kalmera Works Great and Look Awesome

The aesthetic of the product is quite pleasing to the eye too. It features stainless steel French doors and the combination of beech wood shelf and stainless steel wire shelf makes it suited for more classical or more modern looking kitchens and rooms.

Learn more about Kalamera and their products here at Wine Cellar Diva!

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Kalamera KRC-150CB Wine & Beverage Cooler Review
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Kalamera KRC-150CB Wine & Beverage Cooler Review


Welcome to the Wine Cellar Diva Review of the Mixed Beverage Wine Cooler.In this review I will inform you about this dual zone compressor wine cellar features, give you my thoughts on the pros and cons of those features and share what other people have said as well.  This way, I hope to cut down your research ...

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