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Some people remain on the fence about getting a wine cooler because they’re not that big into wines in the first place.

What they don’t know is that a wine cooler can be used for a lot of other beverages too. You could store various drinks in it so that it could act as a mixed beverage wine cellar

A mixed beverage wine fridge would not only free up space in your regular fridge, but it would also keep your beverages within the temperature range that they were intended to be stored. Your regular kitchen fridge is actually a bit too cold for most drinks except maybe sparkling wines, which you want to keep at close to freezing temperatures and serve immediately. 

Some wine coolers are even specifically equipped to handle multiple drinks at once.

Let’s say that other than wine, you want somewhere to store beers. A multi-zone wine cooler would get the job done. 

Even different kinds of beer have different optimal storing temperatures.

Anyone who’s into their beers or dabbles in home brewery would know this. Beers are just as fickle as wines. 

Dark beers like barley wines need to be sitting pretty at around 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Your standard ales like IPAs and stouts will do better at a lower range, between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, lighter beers like blondies, Pilsners, and lagers should be kept at around 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Your regular fridge can’t accommodate all this. 

Instead of fighting with your regular fridge’s thermostat, why not get a designated place for your delicate drinks that would be ruined by extreme temperatures and fluctuations? Getting a mixed beverage wine cooler or a multi-zone wine cooler will let you rest easy, knowing that your drinks are aging away in perfect conditions. 

How does a multi-zone wine fridge work?

First off, it has dividing mechanisms. In this type of configuration, you’d usually see zones separated by stainless steel plates or even each section’s designated door. 

This is to keep air at different temperatures locked into specific zones within the cooler. So essentially, it’s a compartmentalized setup, perfect for storing mixed beverages. 

You’re then able to adjust each zone’s specific temperature depending on what kind of drink it’s housing. The cooler would produce and direct as much cool air as needed to that zone to maintain the setting that you’ve chosen. It’s pretty darn nifty. I think the NewAir AWR-460DB does an awesome job at meeting all those needs and made my Best of 2019 list.

A mixed beverage wine cellar wouldn’t even just be useful for different drinks. It could also be used to store cheeses, sparkling waters, juices, and fruits. If wine really isn’t up your alley, you could use it as your own meat-curing station or cigar humidor. The possibilities are endless. 

Wine coolers serve as a perfect storage solution for multiple things, not just wines.

That makes it a worthwhile and smart purchase for any home. 

You’ll not only benefit from the added convenience of having a designated storage place for all these types of things, but they can also spruce up your space and give it a more updated and luxurious vibe. 

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