Allavino Wine Cellar Reviews

For wine collectors, having an ideal space or storage system for their precious wines is the best way to go. An underground wine cellar for example, keeps the wines at the perfect temperature and can store as many wines as the cellar can hold. However, that costs a lot of money and a lot of space, which is not an option for many. But the wine cellar brand Allavino has the answer with their diverse range of products that can cool wines using technologies and designs that maximize storage space while minimizing the room required for their units!

Allavino is a company based in San Diego, California. Allavino wine cooler products have 3 categories: the Cascina series, the FlexCount series, and the Vite series.


For the average wine collector, or for someone with a smaller home or apartment, the Cascina wine fridge Allavino offers is the top choice. Each model is designed beautifully with sleek and modern stylings that can fit the theme or color scheme of any home or space. Brushed steel door frames, UV light protective glass, blue LED interior lighting, and digital temperature displays all packaged in a sleek black steel cabinet. With 8 models that range between 12 to 48 bottle capacities, there’s one Cascina for everyone.


The FlexCount series has an advanced cooling system that uses highly energy-efficient compressors. But despite it being a compression type, it doesn’t disturb the sediments of the wines because of its vibration dampening system, which coincidentally also reduces the noise of the unit drastically. All the units in the FlexCount series is front venting, so they can be placed in cabinets of the kitchen or any room, making it blend in to the space.


But for large scale collections, the Vite series is the choice. The Vite Allavino wine fridge specializes in adjustable and strong shelves that can accommodate large numbers of bottles. It can even store large diameter wine bottles with no problem. Each Vite series features internal fans, and can store huge numbers of wines, like the Allavino YHWR305-1BLT 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar that can keep 305 bottles preserved!

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Allavino YHWR305-1BLT 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar
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Allavino YHWR305-1BLT 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar


Allavino YHWR305-1BLT Welcome to Wine Cellar Diva! Since you have landed on this review for the , you must be in the market to buy a wine cellar for your growing collection, or personal wine space.  There are a lot of wine fridge brands out there to choose from and I'm glad you chose to let me help you with your ...

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