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Allavino YHWR305-1BRT Wine FridgeAllavino YHWR305-1BLT

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Since you have landed on this review for the No products found., you must be in the market to buy a wine cellar for your growing collection, or personal wine space.  There are a lot of wine fridge brands out there to choose from and I’m glad you chose to let me help you with your research.

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This particular ALLAVINO Wine Fridge is a 10 rack model and stands tall vertically, like your home refrigerator. It opens to the left, however, they do offer this model with a right-hand door swing as well.

It’s also one of the most kitchen-friendly wine cellars featuring all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end commercial wine fridge, but all the comforts of home.  Just imagine what the girls will say when they see this sexy number in your kitchen. Talk about being the epicenter of all girl gatherings!

10 Gorgeous thick hardwood pull out racks that don’t bend or sag to store your wine treasure trove.  This baby can handle even huge Magnum Bottles with ease because all the racks are adjustable in 1¼ inch intervals, or you can remove some if you need more space. So storing 28 standard bottles each rack plus a special rack at the bottom for those Magnum Bottles give your collection room to expand up to 305 bottles like the true wine connoisseur you are.  Imagine having a girl gathering, book club, or party knowing you have just the right Moscato, Pinot or Champagne right in the kitchen (and plenty of it!)

Forced air circulating fans that keep temperatures to within -.01 degree inside the entire unit. Temperature setting range of 41 ℉ – 72 ℉, that’s one of the best temperature range of any wine fridges I have reviewed to date.  Plus, it cools down 50% faster than a regular compressor wine cooler, making it super energy efficient compared to other brands. So set it high enough to age your lovely red wines or low enough to serve your whites perfectly, the choice is yours.

Cool blue LED interior lighting makes reading labels easy as well as showing off your prized wine collection.  No hot spots or heat mean safer conditions for your wines, not to mention making your collection look AWESOME!

Tinted Glass provides UV Ray protection to keep your wines in their best condition.

And did I mention an activated charcoal filter that keeps out bad smells and dampness that can ruin your wine investment?  This is a high end feature not offered by many other wine cellar manufacturers.

Top it all off with a built-in locking mechanism and you are sure to keep curious hands off your goodies.

Now for all the Techy, Nerdy stuff.

Features of the No products found.


78-1/2″ H x 31-1/2″ W x 27-1/2″ D (29-1/4″ D with handle)


78.2 pounds


6 ½ foot tall, 2.6 foot wide and 2.4 foot deep.  

Matt black finish 


Contemporary designed door handle 

Tempered smoked glass 

Digital Temperature controls and readouts on its face.

Shelves slide on ball bearings that make shelves glide in & out with ease as well as making each bottle easily reachable.

Allavino YHWR305-1BLT Wine Fridge Hardwood racking10 POLISHED WOOD HEAVY DUTY Wine Racks that HOLD 28 regular size bottles with standard spacing & add a wine connoisseur touch and feel.

The racks are adjustable in 1-1/4″ increments to accommodate larger bottles, so you are not limited in the types of bottles you can store. 

Locking cabinet

NOTE: **Storage of larger diameter bottles will affect your overall bottle capacity.


Digital temperature display with push-button controls that make controlling the wine environment dead simple.

It has a temperature range of 41 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, (5 Degrees Celsius – 22 Degrees Celsius) allowing you to set it low enough to store white wine at serving temperature, or high enough for long term storage of red wine, depending on your needs. 

You can easily monitor the lighted LCD temperature display through the glass door.


Quiet operation means 2 things,

1.  You won’t be hearing your new wine cellar running all the time.

2.  Your wines are aged long-term in this wine cellar SMARTLY because there is no disturbing the sediments in your favorite wines.


Cool blue LED lighting beautifully illuminates the interior, making finding the perfect bottle super easy. 

The lights emit much less heat than incandescent bulbs, which means they can be left on to showcase your collection without creating harmful hot-spots that could affect your favorite wines…


An internal fan circulates air in the unit for additional cooling, helping to prevent large differences in temperature between the upper and lower shelves and reducing initial cool down time by 50%. 

The air circulation creates a frost-free environment so you will not have to worry about defrosting the cabinet to see inside.


The UV-protected glass is frost and condensation free, keeping harmful light away from your wine while giving you a great view of your collection. 


The built-in key lock keeps your collection secure for added peace of mind. 

Two keys are provided, allowing you to have a backup.


Support the weight of up to 28 regular size bottles each with standard spacing, and the bottom shelf can hold larger magnum bottles or up to 25 standard bottles, for a maximum capacity of 305 bottles. 

The shelves glide out on ball-bearing tracks that allow you to reach every bottle in your collection with ease.

What I Like About the No products found.

This wine cellar hits all the points you want in a sophisticated wine fridgeIt looks great. I MEAN AMAZING.  Who wouldn’t want this home Wine Cellar?  Allavino really covers all the bases when it comes to features.

It has a locking door and 2 keys.  Because I’m always losing keys.

It has heavy duty hardwood racks that look awesome and hold a lot of weight.

These racks are stylish and easy to clean.

Racking that is fully adjustable, removable and can hold up to 28 bottles of wine each.  This feature alone makes this wine cellar so personally customizable that no two owners will have their freestanding wine cellar set up in exactly the same way.

Although considered a small wine cellar by industry standards, this single zone wine cellar holds a buttload (305) of wine bottles. Oh and by the way, do you love cheese and fruit with your wine?  You have plenty of room for that in here too. Or what about a few brews for the boys? Sparkling water has never tasted so good at 41 ℉.

Its pretty compact for the number of bottles you can store and has looks that will rival any built-in wine cooler

Forced Fan Cooling that provides even temperature control so that your wines stay at the temps they were designed to be stored/served at.  Combined with compressor cooling, the temperatures in this baby will stay so chilly you can stop a hot flash in its tracks. Yeah, it can get that cold.

To learn more about the proper storing and serving temps of various wine varieties, check out the wine cellar diva article on Wine Temps here.

Extremely quiet operation means that your wine is aging properly without disturbing the sediments that develop over time. Keeping the sediments where they belong and making your wines taste the best that they possibly can.  Besides, I don’t know anybody that likes a mouthful of chalky, gritty sediment in their wine, I know I don’t.  Yuck!

LED lighting that is fully controllable,  and keeps the wine cellar from developing hot-spots that can ruin your wine.

Tempered Smoked glass door to keep harmful UV rays out of your wines.

Easily readable LCD temperature display and push-button adjustments mean your wines stay at their perfect temperatures for storage long and short term as well as serving temperatures.  I like easy, don’t you?

Of course, it comes with a full manufacturers warranty and FREE Amazon Tech Support. So, if on the outside chance you ever do have problems with your No products found. wine cellar – just let Siri get them on the line for you.

What I Don’t Like About the No products found.

Its only downfall is that it lacks dual zones.  Other than that, it’s PURRFECT!

If not having Dual Zones is a deal breaker for you check out  No products found..  It has everything listed above in a bit of a smaller package plus dual zones!

This is the Big Daddy of Small Wine Cellars and you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading my review, if you want to check out the No products found. 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar – with the best prices and super fast free delivery No products found.  & go through to No products found.

No products found.

Customer Opinion

Looking at Amazon this product is on the Amazon Best Sellers List yet has no reviews.  That means there are ZERO bad reviews for this wine cellar.


There is 1 bad review posted on Amazon since I reviewed mine and wrote this article.  However, the review states: “The delivery Driver was an a$$hole to my customer”.  

Hardly a reflection on the wine fridge itself.  But hey, I think you should know.


I am ecstatically happy to recommend the No products found. 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar!

Especially if you are looking for a high capacity small wine cellar with a small footprint.

If you are looking for a single zone wine cellar that will store and age your wines properly.

If you want a wine fridge that is trouble-free and energy-efficient.

If you want a wine cellar that is dead simple to set up.

If you are in the market for that great small wine cellar that adds a designer touch to your home, wine bar or man/lady cave. Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine or 5 in their cave?

If you are purchasing a high capacity wine cellar that is whisper quiet and vibration free.

If you are buying a wine cellar that will easily fit your high capacity wine storage needs

If you want a reliable wine cooler that has more features than most in its price range

If you want an awesome Allavino model wine cellar that is backed by an awesome company, has a full warranty

You can now see why the No products found. 305 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar is an No products found. and I think you’ll be very happy with this wine fridge!

Check out the link below to see the full product listing, feature listing, customer reviews and any deals or discounts that are available at No products found.

I recommend buying from No products found. as they will give you super-fast delivery and peace of mind knowing that what you order is not a cheap rip-off.

Check No products found.  at Amazon.com…

305 BOTTLES OF WINE TOO MUCH TO HAVE ON HAND AT ONE TIME?  Check out 10 Alternate Uses for a Wine Fridge.

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