New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Review Plus $150 Savings


NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 CansNew Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans

Welcome to the Wine cellar Diva review of the NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler!

In this article I will tell you about this dual zone wine cooler features, give you my thoughts on the pros and cons of those features.

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So what is so great about this dual zone wine cooler that makes it better than other models like the No products found.   Our full review of the Ivation IV-FWCT181DB 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler.



Measuring 22.60″L x 23.70″W x 33.60″H may sound like it’s pretty big but in fact, it’s very compact, and will sit nicely underneath a countertop filling the space like a built-in as intended or a handsome freestanding wine cooler as well.

The Ivation FWCT181DB 18 bottle dual zone is just 10 inches narrower and 7 inches shorter.


Here’s where things start to get interesting.  Because of their Split Shelf system of storage, you can hold up to 70 cans of any beverage you like in the upper zone and up to 22 bottles of wine in the lower zone of the New Air AWB-400DB.  How cool is that in just 10 more inches in footprint?





TEMPERATURE & CONTROLSNewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans temp control

Compressor cooling that vents to the front rather than the back for better heat dissipation and cooler operating temperatures of the motor. This lowers the amount of energy used to cool the wine fridge by reducing load and also cools the wine fridge easier.

Push Button temperature controls with Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature settings

Upper Zone adjustable temperature range of 36-50 F (2º – 10ºC) None of the thermoelectric wine cooler models we have reviewed is able to achieve this low of a temperature range in either single zone or dual zone models.

Lower Zone adjustable temperature range of 50º – 66ºF (10º – 15.5ºC) which is also much lower than the standard 54F – 66F of thermoelectric models.

So in addition to keeping any wines at optimum temperature ranges for storing or serving, you will also be able to have your other beverages such as beer, soda, energy drinks, teas and specialty waters in their optimum serving temps.  Huge bonus in this household since we love all sorts of beverages. And because the New Air AWB-400DB can handle them all, I have much more free space in my regular refrigerator, something that I couldn’t say when I had a thermoelectric model.


Operates at 39dB which is actually really quiet, it compares the amount of noise generated by a whisper 5 feet from your ear.  Most thermoelectric coolers operate at about 38dB which to most humans is not a noticeable difference at all. Low noise means low vibration. Low vibration means no disturbance of sediments in your wines.

INTERIORNewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans wine racks

This wine cooler/beverage center has a combination of metal and wood shelves that are moveable and removable for cleaning and storage but also gives a great aesthetic value to this wine cooler line.



This New Air AWB-400DB  is very attractive and with super capacity for all types of beverages including your wines while remaining ill small enough to fit nicely in a wet bar, kitchen, under cabinet space, and be totally classy doing it.

NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans overallOTHER NICE TOUCHES

This small wine cellar is completely finished in Stainless Steel with a Stainless Steel door that is scratch resistant as well as great looking.  And because it is finished completely in stainless steel, it looks great in a lower cabinet space but equally great as a standalone wine cooler!

Did I mention the door is reversible? Yes, it can be mounted to open to the right or left!

Triple Pane tempered glass in the door, that helps keep your wines cool and safe from UV rays – you won’t find this in any other thermoelectric wine cooler line.

Cool Blue interior LED lighting that is actually adjustable so you can showpiece your beverages if you like. Unlike some other small wine coolers that just allow On/Off.

The LCD readout lets you know what your temperature settings are and also what the actual temperature is, eliminating the need to purchase and install temperature gauges.  Settings are easy to change and the extra little bell is that you can see if the fan is running or not right there in the settings panel located right in the middle of the 2 Zones.

Interior shelves are set up with New Air Split Shelf technology that gets more beverages stored in the same amount of space, they have smooth rolling action and are also very attractive.

On top of all the other great features in this wine cooler/fridge, it comes standard with locks! yes locks to keep inquiring minds and hands off your wines, beer and other beverages.


 Absolutely nothing!

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Looking at Amazon this product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 15 customer reviews.

Of those 15+ reviews 93% are rated at 4 or 5 stars.

There are only 7% of ratings weighing in at 1 star.

The New AIR AWB-400DB fits perfectly in the space that was occupied by our unused dishwasher said one customer that is thrilled with this wine fridge.

Some of the things that people have been saying that have reviewed this product are:

wine cellar insider thumbs up This product would be rated higher than 5 stars if allowed

wine cellar insider thumbs up  It cools down quickly to temperature

wine cellar insider thumbs up  Very sturdy and durable

We also had a look at some of the reviews that only mark this 3 stars and a couple things to keep an eye out for were:

wine cellar insider thumbs down  ONE customer indicated that beverages other than wine may not be cool enough in very southern states.

Click here to check out all the customer reviews and see what happy customers are saying about the No products found. wine & beverage fridge.


If you are in the market for an Flexible DUAL ZONE wine cellar that holds that works very well, then this NEW AIR  model is a good fit for your needs.

This freestanding or built in dual zone wine cellar/ fridge can fit in lots of places in your home, wet bar, man cave, lady cave, kitchen perform well with an outstanding aesthetic.

You will LOVE this very stylish option for your wine and beverage needs.

You can now see why the No products found. is a current Amazons Choice on No products found. and we think you’ll be very pleased with your NEW AIR Wine Cellar.

We recommend buying from No products found. as they will give you super-fast delivery and peace of mind knowing that what you order is not a cheap rip-off.

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