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NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans NewAir Wine Cellar Reviews

Did you know that the quality of your wine is easily affected by the temperature of your environment?

Simply storing wine in your refrigerator isn’t enough if you want it to age and improve its flavor over time. The internal temperature of most refrigerators is too cold for your wine. 

Ideally, like in the past, wine is stored underground where it is just cool enough to be within a wine’s optimal aging temperature.

The problem is, wine cellars are costly to build and maintain, and only ever useful if you’re planning to store a huge batch of wines at once. Consider getting an electric wine cooler that does the same job and offers more convenience and style for your home interior.

If you’re looking for reputable brands to peruse from, try a NewAir brand wine cooler.

They started with humble beginnings a little over a decade ago with a small garage as their primary base of operations, where they only sold evaporative cooling units and portable air coolers. 

They put emphasis on selling products of high quality that meet the needs of every customer, as well as providing a customer service that is accessible and amiable.

Because of their hard work, they are now a company that has since expanded from cooling units to every home appliance you can think of. They continue to provide good services and benefits such as in-house warranties and repairs.

Wine cellar brands NewAir offers both compressor and thermoelectric cooling, both of which have different benefits.

Thermoelectric cooling is quieter, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like background noise, then this is for you. It also doesn’t vibrate because its internal workings don’t move as much. This is good because constant vibrations aren’t good for the quality of your wine. Compressor cooling, on the other hand, is more reliable. Unlike the former, it isn’t easily affected by the outside temperature, ensuring that your wines maintain their optimal aging temperature even in the hotter months.

NewAir wine cellar brands also give you the option to choose between dual zone or single zone cooling systems.

Single zone cooling systems are less bulky and are perfect for smaller wine coolers. Dual zone cooling, on the other hand, regulates two different parts of a single cooling unit and maintains two different temperatures. This is useful for wine lovers who collect both red and white wines. Red and white wines have different optimum aging temperatures, and you need a dual zone cooling unit if you want to accommodate them in a single cellar.

NewAir wine cooler brands offer you a variety of models to choose from, each with different features and cooling systems, so be sure to choose the one that suits your needs. If you have the space and want a place to display a larger collection, we recommend models like the 46 Bottle Capacity Built-in Compressor Dual Zone Wine Cellar Brands NewAir model 460DB or if you want something smaller that would look chic on every countertop you might find the 12 Bottle Capacity Freestanding Countertop Wine Cellar NewAir model AW-121E the right fit for you.

NewAir has your mixed beverage wine cooler needs covered as well with their 20 Bottle Plus 70 Can model AWB-400DB, its compressor cooled, dual zone and has front exhaust so it can be used as a built-in.  Also on my Best wine fridge of 2019 list & the best of all worlds combined.

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New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Review Plus $150 Savings
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New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Review Plus $150 Savings


New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans Welcome to the Wine cellar Diva review of the NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler! In this article I will tell you about this dual zone wine cooler features, give you my ...

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