Costway 6 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – Does it Meet Expectations?


Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Quiet Compact w-Touch Control 6 BottleHi Everyone, Welcome to the Wine Cellar Diva Review of the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Wine Cellar(6 Bottle)In this wine cellar insider post we are taking an in-depth look and letting you know about its features.  What people are saying about this compact wine cellar.  I also help you get the best price for this wine cellar.

I am your Wine Cellar Insider with the best reviews and advice for your wine cellar purchases. Since you have landed on this review, you are in the market for a small thermoelectric wine cellar for your home, office or wine bar. So stick with me as I do a full review of this and other popular wine cellars.

I’ll also let you know if this is the best choice for your compact wine cellar needs and I’ll give you some other choices you may not know about with other small wine cellars!

If you landed on this page by mistake or are not looking for a full review on the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, click here and go straight through to Amazon.com and you will be able to buy this countertop wine cellar!


A downside of a thermoelectric wine cellar is that they depend on ambient temperature, meaning the temperature that your wine cellar is located.

For instance, if you put ANY THERMOELECTRIC WINE CELLAR in a room that is maintained at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit ( 21 Degrees Celsius) the temperature inside the unit will be approximately 45-50 Degrees F ( 10 Degrees C). So, 100 Degrees F (37 Degrees C), your new thermoelectric wine cellar will cool to about 75 – 80 Degrees F (26 Degrees C).

Conversely, in a cold area, the thermoelectric wine cellar will cool another 20 degrees F cooler and if in a cold enough environment, will freeze your wine.

For more info on how thermoelectric wine coolers work check here.

Keep this in mind when deciding what space your new wine cellar will occupy. That is the imitation with thermoelectric units.  Luckily, this Costway 6 Bottle is highly portable, so you can set it up anywhere you have power.

Most manufacturers recommend that your new small wine cellar is set up in a heated/cooled space.

Having read this notation and decided you need a small wine cellar that is more reliable in higher or cooler temperatures; see our full reviews on small compressor wine cellar models.

Wine Cellar Diva REVIEW:

As Always, I start by telling you about the features of the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Wine Cellar, give you an overview of each one and why it makes this mini wine cellar unique. We will also have a look at any standout features of this Costway wine cellar and give you our verdict…

Features:  Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Wine Cellar


Holding 6 bottles of wine can take up a huge amount of space in your regular refrigerator.  And storing your wine in your regular refrigerator could ruin it.  Wine has to store in optimum temperatures and regular refrigerators are way too cold for wine to age and store properly. Trust me, I’m your Wine Cellar Insider on this one. 

Seriously, you can lose a lot of fridge space with wine bottles, while ruining your precious grape beverage. I may have to post some old pics I have laying around of my “extra fridge” with nothing but wine in it.  Anyway, 6 bottles of wine out of your fridge space is a good thing. With this handsome little mini wine cellar, you can keep 6 of your favorites chilled and handy.

Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Quiet Compact w-Touch Control (6 Bottle) stainless


With Overall dimensions of 20.1″L x 9.8″W x 14.5″H and a capacity of 0.6 cu ft and weighing in at a bantam 18 pounds, this compact wine cellar can fit nearly anywhere in a small apartment, home office, galley kitchen or bar area.  In your kitchen on a countertop, underneath upper cabinets, if needed. On your home bar, wet bar or entertainment area. Even in your dining area. It could even be a nice touch in your RV.  NOTE: Please measure cabinet space from countertop to lower edge of the upper cabinet prior to purchasing.  Most homes have an 18-inch gap from an upper cabinet to countertop but this is not always 100% accurate.  Older homes may have a smaller gap from countertop to the upper cabinet.


At first glance, I wanted to put this mini wine cellar right on my kitchen island! It fits on a countertop underneath an upper cabinet too.  Being a freestanding wine cellar, it can sit anywhere you’d like including the floor, on a table or under a cabinet as well. But honestly, I don’t know why you’d want to hide it in a cabinet, it really is a trendy appliance.


A nice touch by COSTWAY in this mini wine cellar that you don’t often see in the super compact models of wine cellars.  The display is set right into the door frame and is easily visible for reading at any time.


Another feature that COSTWAY has designed into this compact wine cellar model that you wouldn’t necessarily see and that is temperature controls on the outside of the wine cellar.  This is great for several reasons: No loss of cold air due to opening the door. Your wines are maintained at a constant temperature.

Adjusting the temperature is dead simple via the up and down keypads.

With temperature settings from 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s 8 Celsius to 18 Celsius, you can chill down your reds, whites, rose and sparkling wines and champagnes properly. 

55 Degrees Fahrenheit/12-13 Degrees Celsius is widely regarded as the sweet spot for storing wines in the short term (under 2 years).  Reds are generally served at 65 Degrees Fahrenheit for the best flavor.

Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Quiet Compact w-Touch Control (6 Bottle) temp controls


Makes this compact wine cellar not only look great, but it also makes it seriously easy to get in and out of.


This model has a see-through door, whereas some other models have a smoked plastic door or solid door.  The see-thru glass makes it easy to always see what you have chilling inside your wine cellar.


While other MODELS also have stainless steel shelves, this model has curved ones which hold your wine properly.

This means you can configure the interior space of this compact wine cooler a bit more in order to get your larger than standard wine bottles inside comfortably.

Now, you will lose some capacity in accommodating the larger bottles however, it is nice to know that you have some options. Being easily removable and a snap to clean also helps.


This is always a nice touch in a wine cellar, especially a compact one.  The LED interior light which is that lovely cool blue we love, can be turned on to showcase the contents of your new compact wine cellar.

This allows you to easily see what drinks you are reaching for in your mini wine cellar.

Not only can you see what’s inside nicely, it makes this countertop wine cellar look and feels more like your high-end appliances.

Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Freestanding Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Quiet Compact w-Touch Control (6 Bottle) LED

WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT THE Costway Wine Cooler

wine cellar insider thumbs up  What you commonly see in a compact wine cellar model is the standard black cabinet and black plastic door.  Not so with this mini wine cellar, it has a designer feel with its stainless steel door frame and glass door front.  

wine cellar insider thumbs up  Combine that with LED Digital Temperature readout and touchpad temperature controls and this Costway wine cellar is a definite standout in the crowd of small wine cellars.

wine cellar insider thumbs up  Add in the fact that it has LED interior lighting which can be used as showcase lighting or left off so that it only turns on when the door is opened, and you have another feature that COSTWAY has thought of with their end customer in mind.

wine cellar insider thumbs up  The 6-foot long electric cord, I mean who really wants to go find an extension cord just to plug in a mini wine cooler?  Not me, that’s who.

wine cellar insider thumbs up  This compact wine cellar holds the goods and looks great doing it. now you see why it’s on the Amazons Choice List.  In its price range, it blows away several of its competitors on features, size, and cost.

So when you add it all up, we think you will be very happy adding this small wine cellar to your home.

Thanks for reading our Wine Cellar Diva Review, if you want to check out the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with the best prices and super fast delivery click here to go through to Amazon.com…

Customer Opinion

Looking at the customer reviews at Amazon.com you will find that the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is very popular.  

There are approximately 40 reviews at this time and this small wine cellar model weighs in at a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

You may be deceived into thinking that a low review count means that it is not popular or a good wine cellar.  However, the math bears out otherwise.

At the time of writing 88% of the reviews are the highest rating of 5 stars.

There are only 5% one-star reviews.

Most of the reviews come in at 4 or 5 stars making this not just Amazons Choice on Amazon.com but also great value for money and has a very desirable designer look and feel!

Looking at Amazon.com this product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and over 40+ customer reviews. Some of the things that people have been saying that have purchased this product are:

thumbs up Perfect Size

thumbs up Great temperature Control

thumbs up Looks Great

We also had a look at some of the reviewers that only mark this 3 stars & a couple of things to keep an eye out for were:

thumbs down Oversized wine bottles don’t fit unless you remove the shelves

thumbs down Arrived broken

thumbs down 46 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t cold enough

Addressing the comments that the wine cellar arrived broken – Amazon quickly replaced all units that were reported as broken or damaged upon arrival, because that’s how great AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE IS.  So, you really are in good hands with AMAZON.com on these types of issues.

Click here to check out all the customer reviews and see what people are saying about the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler that have purchased the product…


If you are in the market for a designer style small wine cellar, with a luxury look and feel, we highly recommend Costway Wine Cellar.

This compact wine cellar not only fits where you need it too, but it also works really, really well.

It has features that you won’t find in other small wine cellars of this size or price range.

All in all, I feel that this Costway wine cellar, even though an entry level product has been treated as a luxury class model, like the rest of its line.

Adding up all the pluses and taking into consideration the minuses of this compact wine cellar, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will get for your hard earned cash.

Check out the link below to see the full product listing, feature listing, customer reviews and any deals or discounts that are available at Amazon.com…

We recommend buying from Amazon.com as they will give you super-fast delivery and peace of mind knowing that what you order is not a cheap rip-off.

Click here to check out the Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler at Amazon.com…

FAQ – Costway Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Q.  Can I change which side the door swings from?

A.  No, there is no capability to change the door hinge location.

Q. Is there a lock on it to keep my kids out?

A.  No, there is no locking mechanism.

Q.  Can it hold Bottles over 16 inches tall?

A. No, it will not hold the Large Champagne, Turley or Magnum Bottle sizes.

Q. Can it hold Pinot Noir Bottles?

A.  Yes, on the bottom row only since Pinot Noir Bottles are 3 3/4 in diameter and the same height as most other wine bottles except the taller Magnum, Large Champagne, and Turley.

Q.  Can it hold Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy Bottles?

A.  Yes, Boutique size Bottles as well as Splits.

Q.  Can I use it for keeping formula, milk, and water in my nursery?

A.  Yes, this unit is so quiet your baby will never know it’s there.

Q.  How long is the plugin cord?

A. 6 feet.

Q.  Can I lay this unit on its side?

A. It will not hold the bottles properly if turned on its side.

Q.  How much electricity does it use per month?

A.  Approximately 50 Kilowatt Hours per Month depending on the temperature of the space its kept in.

Q.  Does it have a condensation tray?

A.  No, it does not.

Q.  Are the temperature settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

A.  You can choose either in the settings buttons located on the door.

Q.  Can I store both Red Wine & White Wine at the same time?

A.  No, this is a single zone unit.

Q.  Can I turn off the Temperature Display?

A.  No, there is no switch.

Q.  Can I keep beer in this wine fridge?

A.  Yes, cans and most bottles up to 24 ounces will fit, although they may not get cold enough for your taste.

Q.  Can I use this wine fridge to store cheese?

A.  Yes, you can store cheeses and other items safely in your wine fridge.

Q.  Does this wine cooler come with a warranty?

A.  Yes, it has a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

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