Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler… Why We Love It (2023)


Aobosi Dual Zone 28 bottle wine coolerAobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review (updated 2023)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a glass of perfectly chilled wine in the comforts of your own home? If you are fond of red, white, or sparkling wine, then it’s definitely a great idea to invest in a high-quality wine cooler you can place inside your kitchen or even your bedroom.

Why own Aobosi’s 15-inch Wine Fridge?

While the idea of having your very own wine cellar at home isn’t the most practical, there is always an option to buy a more compact one that could fit perfectly in your home. If you find this idea enticing, then you might want to consider purchasing a 15-inch wine cooler.

Aobosi dual zone wine fridge is an outstanding, stylish choice to use as a freestanding unit in any room of your home15-inch wine coolers are great for storing a good amount of wine without consuming too much space in your home. These mini-fridges are incredibly chic as well and will make any room in the house all the more aesthetically pleasing. Wine coolers come in a variety of styles and designs to choose from, so you’ll surely be able to find one that will perfectly match the interior of your abode.

More importantly, these wine coolers are great at storing your favorite wines at their most ideal temperature. When you have your very own Aobosi dual zone wine cooler at home, you won’t only have the luxury of sipping aptly-chilled wine, but you’ll also be assured of keeping its integrity intact. As a wine enthusiast, you know just how important it is to store your wine at a specific temperature. Not doing so will negatively affect your wine’s taste, texture, aroma, freshness, and overall quality. As such, getting your prized possessions a wine cooler gives you the best chances of aging properly.

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All About the Aobosi Dual Zone 28-Bottle Wine Fridge  Aobosi 15 inch dual zone 28 bottle wine cooler as freestanding unit

Among the wide range of 15-inch wine coolers, we cannot help but love the Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It has an elegant design and can fit up to 28 standard-sized bottles of wine. It has beech wooden shelves that slide in and out smoothly, allowing you to access your wine easily. Each shelf is removable, so in case you have bigger or taller wine bottles, you can simply take them out to make more space. Naturally, though, your fridge won’t be able to store as many bottles.

The wine cooler has a double glass door that keeps harmful light and UV rays from entering the fridge. Also, it adds another element of elegance to the cooler’s overall design.

Aobosi 15-inch Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Design

It is a dual-zone wine cooler, which means it has two sections with independent temperature settings. As such, you can store either red, white, or sparkling wine in one fridge. Its temperature range in the upper zone is 41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for white and sparkling wine. The lower zone, on the other hand, has a range of 54 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, fitting for your reds. The LED display and touch panel makes monitoring and adjusting the temperatures easy.

Can the Aobosi dual-zone wine cooler be used as a built-in?  How to set up the Aobosi 15 inch dual zone wine cooler for use as a built-in unit

The Aobosi may be used as a built-in or freestanding cooler, so you can literally put them wherever your want. It comes in an extremely elegant design, so you would definitely want to display this thing for all your guests to see. It even has LED lighting that enhances the interior of the fridge and makes your wine collection look all the more luxurious.

Is this Aobosi Wine Cooler Compressor Cooled or Thermoelectric?

The model also makes use of an advanced and powerful compressor cooling technology which, unlike regular compressor systems, runs on a silent and vibration-less operation. With this technology, you can expect either zones to cool down to your desired temperatures in no time. It’s quite energy-efficient as well!

Does this Aobosi Dual Zone Cooler have a locking mechanism?  Aobosi 15 in dual zone wine cooler lock to keep children safe

What makes us love the Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler so much is that it has a unique child lock system, which prevents your kids from getting ahold of your wine bottles and causing accidents. 

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Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Product Review: The Good and the Bad

So, do you think the Aobosi 15-inch dual zone wine cooler is good enough for your prized treasures? Well, check out our pros and cons list to help you decide further! 

The Good Qualities of this Aobosi Dual Zone Model

Really cool Aobosi dual zone wine cooler featuresOne of the things we appreciate about the model is its uber-quiet compressor system. ThisSuper Quiet Compressor technology makes this Aobosi 15 inch dual zone wine cooler uber quiet isn’t a common feature among compressors, so this is really impressive. 

Its double glass door is not just aesthetically pleasing but is functional as well. Protection from harmful light and UV rays is important in ensuring the integrity of the wine, so this feature is quite important.

In the newer upgraded version, Aobosi dual zone wine fridge also includes charcoal filtration to eliminate the possibility of bad tastes or odors affecting your wines or champagnes.

We also found its control panel extremely easy to use. You can simply alter the temperature in either zone with just a touch of a button.

Unlike typical wine coolers that have metal shelves, this one has beech shelves that are great for protecting the bottles from being scratched.

Lastly, it has a child safety lock, which gives that precious peace of mind every parent needs.

The Issues we found with the Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler

While it advertises to be able to fit 28 bottles, it’s pretty tough to do so. For instance, if you want to be able to fit all 28 bottles in the fridge, you’d have to position some bottles in opposite directions. It’s not such a big deal, except that those bottles won’t be visible from the outside, because you’d only be able to see the bottom of the bottle. One of the wonderful things about having a wine collection is being able to show it off to guests, so the fact that they won’t all be displayed is kind of a bummer.

Another thing we do not like about the Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler is that you need to open the fridge door to adjust the temperature. Keeping the temperature constant is critical in wine aging, so having to open the door unnecessarily is a definite disadvantage.

You can’t switch off the LED light, so if you need complete darkness when sleeping, you might not want to place the Aobosi Dual Zone Wine Cooler inside your bedroom.

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