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You might be wondering, why should you buy a large 22 bottle wine cellar, and not a small refrigerator or a beverage cooler instead?

There are a couple of important reasons why. Wine is usually stored at an optimal temperature range of 44℉ – 55℉ (7℃ – 13℃), and most beverage coolers and refrigerators are commonly set to chill at a maximum of 35℉ (2℃), which is why you need a wine cellar if you want a proper storage unit for your wines. 

Usually, if you want a 22 Bottle Wine fridge or any one that can hold a large number of wines, you should opt for one that has compressor cooling.

This kind of cooling is more consistent and doesn’t drastically change based on the temperature of the environment around it, which you need if you plan to store a large number of wines in a cellar. Compressor cooled wine coolers essentially use the same cooling system like a refrigerator’s, just set at a higher temp that will make sure your wines age properly. 

Compared to thermoelectric wine coolers, compressor wine coolers can maintain colder temperature environments compared to their thermoelectric counterparts. This is important if you’re living in a place that has a hot environment.

Can thermoelectric wine cellars handle tropical heat?

Thermoelectric wine coolers are greatly affected by outside temperatures, and if you live somewhere warm like in the tropics, your thermoelectric wine cooler won’t be able to handle it since thermoelectric coolers can only create an internal environment a few degrees lower than the outside temperature, making it difficult for it to maintain the optimal temperature for aging your wine.

Will my electric bill increase because of my wine cellar?

Another benefit of using a compressor cooled 22 bottle wine fridge is that it would have a cheaper energy cost compared to a thermoelectric one since thermoelectric wine coolers are turned on and operates 24/7, which usually consume a higher amount of electricity depending on the temperature of your environment. Compressor units, on the other hand, only turn on when it needs to operate. And because ambient heat doesn’t have much of an effect on them, you wouldn’t have to worry about your electricity bill getting higher during the summer months.

What else can I use my wine cellar for?

Another great use for a 22 bottle wine cooler since it has a lot of space is for cooling your glasses. Many wine connoisseurs wholeheartedly recommend chilling your glasses before serving it with wine in order to improve your wining experience. It will also add an extra bit of class to your glass of wine, perfect if you have guests over that you want to impress or if you want to enjoy a bit of luxury yourself. 

There are plenty of brands that offer 22 bottle wine fridges in the market.

One wine fridge 22 bottles can easily fit into is the Summit Appliance SCR312LCSSWC2. Its combination of light wooden shelving interior and its steel stainless steel body makes it a good accessory for your kitchen or private bar. Its Interior is also beautifully lit by an energy efficient LED lighting system, and it comes with a thermostat that allows you to easily adjust the temperature as needed.

My favorite 22 bottle wine fridge easily made my Best of 2019 List.

New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler is actually THE BEST of the Compressor cooled freestanding models on the market today.  It’s the perfect combination of style and elegance wrapped in Stainless Steel with steel & wood slide out shelves.  It’s also handy because of its ability to hold 22 bottles of wine plus 70 cans in its Dual Zones. With its front venting, it can also be used as a built-in saving your hundreds of dollars & professional installation.

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New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Review Plus $150 Savings
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New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Review Plus $150 Savings


New Air AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans Welcome to the Wine cellar Diva review of the NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler! In this article I will tell you about this dual zone wine cooler features, give you my ...

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