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Antarctic Star 17 Bottle Wine Cooler-Cabinet Refigerator Small Wine Cellar Beer Counter Top Bar Fridge Quiet Operation Compressor Freestanding Black

Looking for a bigger electric cellar to store your wines?

A 17 bottle wine cellar might just suit you. They don’t take up a lot of space and store a lot of bottles for its size. If you are a wine enthusiast, you can easily store most of your collection in a single 17 bottle wine fridge. Having a bigger wine cellar like this ensures that all your wines can age properly at their optimized temperature. Plus they look good when on display!

While there are 17 bottle wine cellar brands that offer both thermoelectric and compressor type cooling, we recommended getting a compressor wine cooler for bigger wine cellars such as this so you can use them for storing other drinks and food items if you ever run out of wine to store. A fun idea is to occasionally use your 17 bottle wine fridge as a display cabinet for your fruits! While it won’t be preserving them as long as a fridge will, you can appreciate their beauty and can act as décor for your home. It’s a great alternative to a fruit display blow since having them in your wine fridge that’s a few degrees cooler will make them last longer.

There are also brands that sell wine cellars that come with beer racks.

So if you’re also a beer girl or you just want to change things up a bit, then this is definitely for you. Wine cellars, oddly enough, work also great for aging beer. Storing them in wine coolers also put them at just the perfect temperature for drinking beer. Since wine coolers are set at a slightly higher temperature than your usual refrigerators, it chills your beer just enough, since having a beer that’s too cold will taste blander as it actually does because the cold will numb your taste receptors.

Champagne is also great for storing in your wine cellar.

It’s a classic drink in every great party or occasion and having them on display on your 17 bottle wine cellar makes your home extra classy. It is stored best at 44°F – 48°F (7℃ to 9℃), or if your cooler has a white wine temperature option, that’s it. Champagne tastes so much better when it’s chilled, so if you don’t want to regularly store champagne in your wine cellar, at least let chill there for a bit before you serve it.

You can also go the full non-alcoholic route so every one of your family can benefit from your wine fridge.

You can store drinks such as juice, tea, lemonade, or sparkling water so your friends have a selection they can choose from whenever they come over.

There are a lot of 17 bottle wine fridges in the market that would look good in any home interior and properly store your wine collection.

Like the Antarctic Star (SINAS46) Compressor Cooled Wine Fridge 17 Bottle Capacity for instance that features a charming purple LED interior lighting that beautifully accentuates the dark colors of your wine bottle and an attractive, sleek black body that will look good in any part of your home.  It’s no wonder it made top marks in my 2019 list.

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